1.What are Signals?

Signals are indicators produced with the purpose of informing traders’ decisions. They provide you with an insight as to what’s going on in the market and allow you to make an informed trading decision without you having to monitor market trends. Signalstime’s Forex and Binary Options signals are updated constantly – allowing traders to stay on top of market trends through a vast amount of in-depth analysis delivered straight to their trading platform.

2.How do I use signals when trading?

Signals are very straightforward to use. All you have to do is register and subscribe and all our signals are visible on the Signalstime platform – available for you to view, consult and make the right trading decision. 

3.Why should I trust Signalstime’s Signals?

Because they are timely, accurate and reliable, and are based on a variety of methods and analyses conducted by professionals. In addition, Signalstime offers traders a range of tools which can be consulted prior to making a trading decision thus minimizing risk.

4.Which assets does Signalstime provide signals for?

Signalstime offers Forex and Binary Options Trading signals for Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

5.How much is the Signalstime subscription fee?

This depends on the Account Type you choose, subscriptions range from $89 to $259 per month. However, by depositing a specified amount with a Sponsor Broker and claiming the promotion, you receive the signals for free, for a period of 3 months.

6.Which broker can i use Signalstime with?

You can use any broker of your choice, but if you choose our monthly sponsor broker and deposit a specified amount with them you receive them for free, for a period of 3 months.

7.What time of day will signals be available?

Signalstime’s signals are offered on a 24/5 basis, allowing for regular and informed market updates.

8.How are your signals generated?

Our Signals are generated and available to all subscribers through our powerful artificial intelligence algorithm, enabling you to make trading decisions as accurate and fast as never before seen. Signalstime transforms large unstructured data sets, such as traditional price charts and indicators, into structured and easily interpreted data to help traders improve their performance.

9.Do you filter signals during economic news events?

Yes, this is core to what we aim to provide: our signals are round the clock – anything that occurs in the market we take into consideration and analyse, ensuring your future trading decisions are informed ones.